Client Services

At Clearfield Talent, everything we do is in service of our clients and our candidates. For our clients, we offer a wide range of full-service recruitment and talent management solutions. No matter your specific requirements, we can help!


Contingency Recruitment

  • A “no-risk” hiring solution
  • Pay only when you hire our Impact Player talent
  • No upfront cost

Retained Recruitment

  • For more immediate or focused hiring needs
  • Dedicated account resources focused exclusively on your search
  • Requires a small commitment fee up-front

Contract Staffing

  • Perfect for limited-term or specific-scope roles that require unique talent or skills
  • No obligation or ‘overhead’ associated with the hire – pay for what you need when you need it
  • Talent billed at an hourly rate vs. in the form of a fully-burdened direct hire salary

Retention Solutions

  • Our commitment doesn’t end when talent is hired! 
  • We’ll work with you to retain key employees
  • Who better to help keep people than a talent advisor who knows all the reasons why people leave?

Personality Assessment Tools

  • “What were they thinking?”
  • We offer a variety of research tools to help understand your employees and how they prefer to work
  • We can also utilize these tools to determine the best qualities and characteristics for success during the hiring process.

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